Macron’s still vague plan to establish three types of second-tier healthcare policies

His objective is to arrive at 100% reimbursement of optical, dental and hearing-aid expenses within the next 5 years. Verlingue and Eric Maumy are featured in the Le Figaro article.


[…] The new president wants to establish three standard complementary-healthcare policy wordings, so as to promote competition and allow people in France to compare products, something that is impossible today because terms and conditions are so complex […].


[…] Emmanuel Macron has said that in practical terms the three types of insurers (mutual societies, welfare institutions and insurance companies) would be obliged to offer three standard policies – “with moderate, enhanced or comprehensive covers” – in addition to their existing products. […]


[…] This raises a number of problems. First of all, convincing complementary healthcare insurers to reimburse an extra € 4.4bn, without raising premiums, will not be easy. Secondly, the complex premium rates are also due to the the complicated coding system used by Social Security for reimbursements. Thirdly, some insurers suspect the State wishes to control health insurance pricing and covers. Eric Maumy – CEO of the insurance brokers Verlingue, says: “There is a contradiction between invoking competition and, at the same time, ring-fencing companies with norms and regulations that sap their capacity to innovate”. […]


Marie-Cécile Renault

Le Figaro